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Barton Thorn

Sorry, I tricked you, but thanks for clearing out the Geckos. Now I can get to that stash up there...after I deal with you.
~ Barton Thorn

Barton Thorn is a character in the Fallout universe, appearing in Fallout: New Vegas. He is a mysterious individual who will try to deceive the courier to get to a stash on a gecko infested ridge.

He was voiced by Ari Rubin.


Almost nothing is known about Barton or his motives but he will try to deceive the courier by manipulating them to clear the ridge of geckos and save his "girlfriend", but will use that as a ruse to get easy access to a camp on the tail end of the ridge that may has something to loot for. By then, He will reveal to the courier of his lies and will attempt to gun him down but the player will optionally have to defend themselves against him to survive.

Behind the Scenes

In the G.E.C.K. system, he is named gecko man possibly for his role in getting into the situation of finding a way to deal with the geckos by using the courier. He will appear after the player has done quests in Goodsprings.


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