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Baruda (in Japanese: バルダ, Baruda) is a minor anime-exclusive villain in Fist of the North Star.

He was voiced by Michihiro Ikemizu


In episode 92, Baruda and a group of his soldiers guard a bridge crossing over a gorge into a nearby city. He has his men check any bystanders for any signs of Seven Scars. The knight-armored villain also has explosives planted under the bridge, so that if Kenshiro tries to cross, the bridge will be detonated.

A disguised Fudo then carries a cart of hay concealing Kenshiro across, along with Lin and a disguised Bat. After they get past the first checkpoint, Kenshiro silently reminds the two villagers guarding they must not turn him in.

On the second checkpoint, Fudo fools Baruda's troops that Kenshiro is travelling to the east with his party, making the villain send his henchmen there. At first, they seemed to be in the clear when the elderly villager gave them away. He did this because he wanted food for his work, so Baruda decides to have both villagers executed out of fear they could turn against Ken-Oh.

However, Kenshiro retaliates by decapitating the henchmen with his Hokuto Enkan Zanshu Kyaku. Baruda is then shocked when Fudo and Bat shed their disguises. He then shows his lance and engages Kenshiro using Kazan Sansa So.

Kenshiro manages to stop one attack with a kick, but Baruda swings his spear up to injure Kenshiro. He almost impales the Hokuto Shinken user, but Kenshiro grabs the spear, lifts him and throws him up. He then finishes with an upwards Hokuto Hyakuretsu Ken, blowing Baruda to bloodied pieces.

Powers and Abilities

Baruda fights using Kazan Sansa So which allows him to thrust his lance with blinding speed.


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