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Basaquer is one of the antagonists in the original Ninja Gaiden video game. He is also the third boss in the game.


Basaquer was a member of a mysterious Chinese organization called Five Rangers of Doom. He was expelled when he exhibited sadistic methods for fighting his opponents. Basaquer was soon discovered by Jaquio and he became a lieutenant of Jaquio's forces.

Video Game's Plotline

Ryu Hayabusa - a descendant of the Hayabusa ninja clan - visits America to meets Walter Smith. Walter is the former partner of Jô Hayabusa who is Ryu's father. Ryu meets Walter in a cabin which is the same place where Walter conducts archaeological research. They talk about two demonic statues which Jaquio is trying to find. During their conversation, Basaquer appears. He swipes one of the statues and leaves the cabin. Ryu immediately chases Basaquer to a cave. The two warriors then engage in a duel inside the cave. Despite Basquer's skill in fighting, he is outmatched and killed by Ryu. After the duel ends, Ryu takes the stolen statue and returns to Walter Smith.

Powers and Abilities


Basaquer is very skilled in fighting. He is able to fight by using two daggers. Despite this, he loses a duel against Ryu Hayabusa who is a powerful ninja.


Basaquer possesses the ability to jump very high and far. He is able to jump onto the roof of a cabin without any difficulty. He is also able to jump between two sides of a large cave.


Basaquer possesses a lot of stamina. He can easily withstand a single attack. It takes Ryu a while to inflict enough damage onto Basaquer.


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