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Baseball Bat Man

The Baseball Bat Man

The Baseball Bat Man is a supporting antagonist in the film The Raid 2. He is a combatant hitman working for Bejo and is also accompanied by his muted deaf-sister Hammer Girl.


The Baseball Bat Man and his older sister named Alica who is deaf-mute who grew up with abusive father who beaten them, tried of beatings the siblings deiced to kill them as they flipped the coin who one to kill the father but their father heard and beaten them (thus Alica lose her eye) before siblings killed their father for good in order to escape it, not long when Bejo recruited them as assassins therefore the siblings begun killing of their targets. because of Uco's gain to taking power against Japanese mafia with Bejo's help, Baseball Man Baseball Bat Man using his bat to beat and killed his opponents. during the film's climax, Rama stormed Bejo's restaurant, Baseball Man and Alica starts to fight with Rama however, after knocked by Rama for his horror he watching his sister got slit by Rama on her throat and dies despite he pleas Rama to speared his sister's life. enaged Baseball Man's anger and tried beat but his grief and emotionional unable to fight with him which Rama allowed to beaten and kills him by bat on culminating with it being jammed in his mouth.



  • He was portrayed by Very Tri Yulisman.

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