The Baseball Boy is a Creepypasta character appearing as the antagonist in the Creepypasta titular story.


It is said that if you find the Queen Victoria Elementary school and go there on a Sunday after six pm, you will notice a child's form walking around the edge of the yard after sitting on the swings and swinging awhile. If you notice him, you have to ignore the boy.

Eventually the Baseball Boy will come up to you and ask if you want to play a game of baseball. He is around seven with short blond hair, in a purple hoody, and chewing, apparently, what looks like a long nail. He will act pretty much friendly, but underlying it all is a sinister side to him. He will be adamant to play with you otherwise he will no doubt attack.

The Baseball Boy will harass you into playing baseball, and it involves him running round the field several times, while you throw the ball.

As a sidenote, if you attempt to back out of the game, the Baseball Boy will stare at you for a long time, and eventually, it is said the best thing to do is to run away otherwise you will be damned.

The Baseball Boy will continue playing until it is about dusk or possibly even very late at night, where it is just him and the player alone in the dark. The Baseball Boy will then, finally, come up and thank them for their time, and give them the ball he used. Then the player has to thank him and leave without running or without looking back at him until they are out of the yard.

It is said that afterwards, if you keep the baseball, you will get psychic powers, and eventually be able to predict the future. But if the Baseball Boy wants his ball back, he will hunt you down and most likely kill you.


It is said that the Baseball Boy will remember everything you tell him, and to never tell him too much about yourself - and never tell him your name. You have to do this without offending him, however. It is said he has "friends" that he reports to, and it is strongly implied the Baseball Boy is a ghost. His friends could either be demons or ghosts themselves.


  • A similar ghost appears in Stephen King's The Shining where the ghost of a young boy pursues Danny through the playing yard.


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