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Bashmouth is a Mutant Alien Hybrid and one of the Antitrix aliens in the 2016 Ben 10 series.


Bashmouth looks like a werewolf husky with light grey and dark blue skin. He wears blue trousers, armor being a red tunic, a pair of gauntlets and a shoulder pad on his right shoulder. He also has metal teeth resembling a bear trap.


Ben 10 (2016)

Bashmouth first appeared in the episode Introducing Kevin 11, where Kevin Levin turned into him to fight against Ben Tennyson, while at the same time destroying stables from a building the two were under. Ben later convinced Bashmouth to help prevent the building from collapsing and left with a stake in his mouth.

Bashmouth returned in the episode My Bodyguard, where Kevin turned into him to help Ben and Gwen fight against Zombozo.

Bashmouth later appeared in the episode Heat of the Moment, where Kevin turned into him to fight against the Weatherheads after they insulted him.

Bashmouth also appeared in the episode Vin Diagram, where Bootleg turned into him to fight against Rath during a race, only to turn back into Kevin a bit later.

In the episode You Remind Me of Someone, Kevin turned into Bashmouth and Undertow, thinking he was Ben after being hit by the gas of the Forgeti to fight against the real Ben. Kevin later remembered who he really was and later left.

In the episode Roundabout: Part 1, after being insulted by the Forever Knight, Kevin turned into Bashmouth to fight against Ben and Charmcaster, only for Forever Knight to stop the three from fighting each other.

In the episode The Monsters in Your Head, Kevin turned into Bashmouth to help Ben, Gwen and Max to fight against Dr. Animo and his mutant army, only to possibly leave a bit afterwards.

In the episode Bottomless Ben, Kevin turned into Bashmouth to fight against Ben once again, only to later help him and a part ranger to stop a rough minor from destroying the mountain and later turned back into Kevin.

In the episode Digital Quality, Kevin turned into Bashmouth to fight against Lord Decibel, helping the Tennysons until he obtained an ASMR CD to help him sleep.

In the episode De-Fanged, Kevin turned into Bashmouth to fight against Ben Tennyson in a form of Laser Tag.

Bashmouth appeared in a flashback in the episode Mock 10.

Bashmouth appears in Ben 10 versus the Universe: The Movie, where Kevin would use him to either fight against or escape Vilgax.

Bashmouth also appears in the video game Ben 10: Power Trip, where Kevin will turn into him to help Ben fight against Hex.


  • Bashmouth shares some similarities with Loboans such as Yenaldooshi, Crujo and the Loboan Prisoner.
  • Fans consider Bashmouth to be a counterpart to Rath.
  • Bashmouth is considered to be Kevin Levin's favorite transformation.


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