Bashtar is the penultimate boss from Toki.


Bashtar is an ancient evil deity, who had been imprisoned thousands of years ago behind the Gate of Moornah. The sorcerer Vookimedlo, seeking revenge against the prince Toki for banishing him, releases Bashtar from his prison and orders him to kidnap his niece Miho, who had been dating Toki, using Bashtar's powers to turn Toki into a lowly ape.

Vookimedlo turns all inhabitants of the island into monsters under his control and prepares a ritual to restore Bashtar to his original form. However, Bashtar's sister Bishra, who had been imprisoned along with him also escapes and uses her remaining powers to give Toki enough strength to fight Bashtar and Vookimedlo, so Bashtar retreats to his temple in the Dark Forest, where he awaits for Toki's arrival.

Bashtar appears as a giant pair of disembodied hands and feet, controlled by a floating heart which obviously acts as his weak point. Bashtar mainly attacks by swinging his fists back and forth, occasionally opening his hands to cover a larger area or to protect the heart, as well as constantly andvancing with his feet to corner the player.

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