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If I’d been born two minutes earlier, I’d be Santa Claus, and a better one at that!
~ Basil's envy of his brother Santa Claus.

Basil is the main antagonist of the 2011 Finnish computer-animated film The Magic Crystal. He is the brother of Santa Claus who plans on becoming him and the archenemy of Yotan.


Basil has a very similar appearance to his brother, save for his long beard and clothes being blue as opposed to his brother's.


Basil first appears where he spots Yotan going inside the orphanage after he saved a kid's letter.

When Yotan feels sad, Basil and Grouch come to get Yotan to save Christmas. the Orphanage Director sees Yotan as he starts arguing with Basil before Basil takes his staff, causing him the fall in the dumpster.

Basil tells Grouch to get the bag with Yotan in it (including Jiffy) as Basil, Grouch, and Poro to the north pole where Santa and Ms. Claus live.

Basil and Grouch try to find Yotan until Grouch find him including Jiffy.

Later in the film, after gaining the crystal and using it's power (which is revealed to multiply Santa Claus into thousands of clones allowing him to deliver presents all across the world), Basil prepares to enact his evil plan, but thanks to Yotan, who tricks all the Basil clones into fighting each other over who is the real and true Santa Claus, Basil loses control over the crystal's magic which retracks all the clones into him, and sends him flying far away, never to threaten Santa Claus or anyone again.