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The Basilisk is a minor antagonist that was utilized as an engine of war by the Persian Empire in the videogame God of War: Chains of Olympus.

Its vocal effects were provided by Michael Edward Johnson.


The Basilisk is a giant fire breathing, lizard-like monster with razor sharp claws, teeth, spine and a spiked tail.


When Kratos was ordered by the Gods' to eliminate this evil, he encountered the Basilisk while he was fighting a cyclops. As he was fighting the cyclops, the Basilisk emerged and ate the cyclops. After it killed the cyclops, it attempted to eat and/or kill Kratos.

Confronting the Basilisk

Kratos confronts Basilisk 1st

Kratos confronting the Basilisk.

As soon it finished with the cyclops it attacked Kratos. The fight ended when Kratos manage to smash a pillar onto the creature's head and take out its left eye. After the initial encounter the basilisk fled into the city with Kratos in pursuit.

Multiple Encounters

Basilisk in the City

The Basilisk in the City of Attica.

After Kratos killed the Persian King, he witnessed the Basilisk several time. In one instant, is when the Basilisk was attacking the city of Attica. To prevent the Basilisk from continuing its violent rampage, Kratos had to shoot a flaming arrow into the beast. After he shot the beast, the Basilisk retreated in the city. Kratos spotted the Basilisk again eating a dead civilian, but instead of fighting Kratos, it just drops the corpse and retreats again.

Confronting the Basilisk again

Kratos confronts Basilisk 2nd

Confronting Kratos for a second time

When Kratos was leaving Attica, he eventually encounters the Basilisk on the bridge leaving Attica. Kratos fought the beast by pulling the pillars on the bridge onto the creature's head. Just before the Basilisk was about breathe fire at Kratos, Kratos jumps on its head and pulls its jaw shut, which causes its mouth to explode, burning the monster from the inside, killing it.

Powers and Abilities

The Basilisk is a very strong monster. It wields great physical strength, durability and endurance. It also has razor sharp teeth, and claws. But not only that the Basilisk can also breath fire out of its mouth.


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