You'll regret it if you think I'm anything like that black pig!
~ Bask threatening Kenshiro after he had killed Barona.

Bask (in Japanese: バスク, Basuku) is a minor antagonist in Fist of the North Star. He serves Jakoh as an area governor for the Celestial Empire.

He was voiced by Masaru Ikeda.


Bask is first seen informed that the West District is in shambles. With a warrant out for Bat and Lin, Bask orders Barona to capture them. Upon seeing that Barona is targeting the wrong couple, Bask orders Barona to bring the woman they had mistaken for Lin to a colosseum for execution.

As the execution is about to begin, Bask plans to identify the woman as Lin and make the anti-Celestial forces kneel before them.

However, Kenshiro arrives on Kokuoh to save the hostage and announces to Bask he had arrived from the north to kill him. The governor realizes it was Kenshiro who had been wrecking the Celestial districts one-by-one. After Barona is killed, Bask decides to engage Kenshiro using the Kazan Gokuaku So technique. He winds up hitting a pillar on the first try. On the second, Kenshiro entagled the villain up before using a series of punches before finishing with a hard finger press on the forehead.

Bask asks in a panic who Kenshiro is. He simply replies that he's a common man, before Bask is bisected in two.

Powers and Abilities

Bask uses the Kazan Gokuaku So to drill into his opponents.


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