Mmm... good.
~ The Basketball's plan works.

The Basketball is a minor antagonist in asdfmovie 10. It is an evil anthropomorphic basketball that manipulates children to play with it in dangerous areas.

It was voiced by the series' creator Thomas "TomSka" Ridgewell.


In the asdfmovie 10 sketch, the basketball is playing with a little girl named Suzie. It is bouncing across the ground, laughing and calling for Suzie to chase it. Suzie follows in pursuit, laughing and attempting to grab her bouncing toy. The basketball continues to bounce until it reaches a street, and Suzie follows it. She is about to grab the basketball when a car suddenly speeds down the street and strikes her, killing her in a gruesome splatter of blood. The basketball looks shocked at first, but then narrows its eyes and grins sadistically, and reveals that getting Suzie killed pleases it and was its plan all along.

It is unknown what the basketball did afterwards.


The basketball acts very enthusiastic, pleasant, kind and fun, and makes Suzie believe that it is a friend and playmate. However, it is secretly plotting to lure her into dangerous areas (like the street), so she will get killed. It is unknown if it has done this before or will do it again.




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