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I am the ultimate little league trash-talking father! I AM THE BAT-DAD!
~ Bat-Dad

Bat-Dad (also known as Tom or Chris Nelson) is a minor antagonist in the adult-animated sitcom South Park, appearing only in the episode "The Losing Edge".

He was voiced by Diedrich Bader, who also voices Warp Darkmatter and Simian.


Bat-Dad is a large man who wears a purple Batman mask and cape, as well as a black loincloth and a black wristwatch. He is shown to be overweight.


Bat-Dad is highly obnoxious and egotistical, not caring about others around him, and has a belligerant personality. He is an overweight recidivist who always intentionally instigates fights with other parents at his son's little league baseball games. This questionable hobby has turned into an obsession of his, and he aims to be the best at what he does. He believes that he has succeeded in this goal, and calls himself "the ultimate little league trash-talking father". Why he does this is unknown, but it is possible that he is a sadist. He also enjoys drinking beer, and possibly alcohol.


Bat-Dad is first seen in the episode "The Losing Edge", and begins to demoralize Randy Marsh after he video bombs the news broadcast about the South Park little league's success and trash-talks Randy. Randy loses his confidence in fighting others at baseball games and realizes that Bat-Dad might beat him. He then decides not to go to the next baseball game, which would be the determiner of who would go on to compete at the national level.

Instead of trying to outperform each other, both teams did not want to waste their entire summer playing baseball against kids from all over the country, and tried to "out-suck" the other team. The boys were dismayed after seeing how their opponents were so good that they were able to intentionally give South Park all the points so that they would go to nationals instead of them.

Bat-Dad the heel.png

When South Park was certain to win, Bat-Dad continued to annoy the crowd of parent spectators, including his wife. Randy suddenly appeared to confront Bat-Dad, and the two get in a fight where Randy is badly beaten. Bat-Dad is also seen minorly injured from falling from the arena, attempting to jump on Randy in a heel-like fashion. After Randy lied defeated on the ground, security told them to stop or else their teams would get disqualified. The boys on the South Park team overheard and saw that Randy's delusional antics may be their escape from being doomed to play baseball for the rest of summer, and encouraged him to get up and fight. Bat-Dad walked away, believing that Randy had gotten all he could take. However, Randy got up, and repeatedly punched Bat-Dad, unknowingly disqualifying South Park from the national baseball little leagues. Stan then tells his father, Randy, that he was the greatest, and Randy jumps for joy, without realizing that Stan was actually referring to the fact that Randy's antics saved their summertime fun.



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