The Bat is one of the minor antagonists of Maya the Bee. He was portraying as the main antagonist of Maya the Bee episode: Queen of the Solar Eclipse.


Unlike other bats, he was only anthropomorphic predator which it acts predatory and scary. While insects were feared of bats, he was savage and dangerous to all the bugs which can eat when he sees because the bat was shown off as hungry and mean towards the insects.



He was shown off to attack Maya and Willy for food as well he almost eat them. While in some episodes of the show, he was only mentioned by insects about it.

Season 1

He was only appeared in one episode of Queen of the Solar Eclipse who portrays as the main antagonist in this episode. He attacks Maya, Willy, young bees, and the wasps (including Stinger, Deez, and Doz) when the sun was eclipse, they were trapped in the hill as he tries to hunt his prey. While in "Take Off", he was only mentioned by Flip that he tells Maya about predators are mean to the bugs.

Maya the Bee Movie

After Willy blows up by the wind at evening, he tries to kill him for food, but Maya saves him from being eaten and he angrily begins to chase them as well Flip hits him on his face and rides on him, and all begin to crash on the other bat. He meanly chases down Maya, Willy, and Flip and almost eat them, while he gets crash into the thorns by the other bat who is feared of thorns. He angrily chases the other bat for trying to crash into the thorns.


  • He was only the anthropomorphic predator in the series.
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