Bat Soldiers are Bat Tribe's leader's Braptor's henchmen/minions in the Legends of Chima, and with Spider Soldiers they take the Chi of the Mount Cavora.


When the bat soldiers form together in one group they form a dark cloud. Through the series they are seen fighting the warriors of Chima in the outlands and fighting the other good tribes in Chima.

They and the other members of the Crawlers were born the Laval's discarded power of Chi, and then the Crawlers began to steal all Chi in Mount Cavora by blocking up the falls and capturing the Legend Beasts along with Cragger's father Cromminus. But Laval and his friends managed to prevent it and trap the Bat soldiers in the scorpion cave along with the other Crawlers. The Warriors then use the rescued Legend Beasts to unblock the falls and save Chima.

In Season 3 the Bat soldiers are captured by the Ice Hunters who were revived by the chi Scorm threw away.

They can be seen in most of the season frozen in ice in Sir Fangar's trophy room. They were released when Flix melted all the captured animals free. They fight off with the good tribes until they escaped. They were soon purified by the great illumination.


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