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I will make you great. You will serve only me. Only Batari
~ Batari

Batari is one of the main antagonists of the 2016 survival game Far Cry Primal. She is a charismatic priestess who leads the Izila in their conquest to conquer Oros and enslave those who inhabit it.

She was voiced by Debra Wilson, who also played Amanda Waller in Batman: The Enemy Within.



Based on a vision from Tensay's concoction, it can be assumed that Batari once had a son named Krati who led a rebellion against her. Despite the rebellion failing, Batari seemed to be scarred by this experience, resulting in her creating an entire structure to make sure nothing ever wears Krati's mask ever again.

Far Cry Primal

Batari is first seen in the game after Takkar was knocked out and held in front of a burning pit. Batari at first offers him a chance to join her tribe but was angered by his refusal and immediately pushed the Wenja warrior into the pit, resulting in his escape.

Before attacking the main Izila temple, Takkar first steals Krati's mask before attacking the temple. After killing many of the guards, Batari appears herself and attacks Takkar, grabbing her son's mask and smashing it. She will then grab a bow before attacking Takkar.

The Wenja engages in a tactical battle against the priestess, having to rely on ranged weapons due to her evasive behaviors and ranged attacks. She eventually succumbs to her injuries in which Takkar throws away her bow and grabs her by the neck. She spent her last breath taunting Takkar while being dragged above a burning pit. As she is held over it, her body begins the burn and she is thrown down while screaming in pain.


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