Ha ha ha! Have a drink!
~ The Bath Foam drowning Calvin

The Bath Foam is the main antagonist of one of Calvin and Hobbes Sunday comics. It is actually a normal bath foam, that comes alive every time only Calvin is near.


Calvin deeply hates taking the bath and always try to hide in front of his mom when it is the bath time. Unfortunately, his mom usually finds and forces him take the bath.

One day, Calvin's worst fear comes true. When his mom leaves him alone in the bathroom, the bath foam suddenly turns into a humanoid form with normal hands and big mouth. Scared Calvin starts screaming for help, but the foam grabs and tries to drown him while laughing evilly. The battle begins. Eventually, Calvin manages to pull the plug, causing the foam is sucked into the pipe.


  • As many other creatures from Calvin's imaginations, this one also tends to be a distorted view of the world around. It comes from Calvin's hatred of taking the bath, as well as of getting the soap into his eyes. It also may represents Calvin's inability to learn swim, causing he is scared of water.


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