First Form

Bathe'lemy is a vampire knight born in France, he is the partner of GuillaumeRaoul and Diane  he is the first boss and a major antagonist in the video game, Vampire Knight.


He is a servant of a powerful vampire called Sir Vampire, Bathe'lemy is a vampire who searches the meaning of life. He has a deep hated to humans.

During the second level of the game or the "real first level",  he challanges the protagonists in order to show his master that he is powerful.

First Form

During the boss battle, his first form is his human form. In this form, he can use his sword with a great speed, he can teleport also evading bullets.

First Form II

After the battle against him in the square, he proceeds to fight the protagonists in the forest.

He has the same attacks but now he can throw energy blades or a double energy blade that can harm the protagonists.

Second Form

Ps2 vampire night 05

Second Form

In this form, he transforms into a golem-like vampire with two giant swords in his hands. he has the same attacks of his first form and can also throw broken pillars at the protagonists, however, this time he is more slower.


After the boss battle againts his second form, Bathe'lemy turns back to normal with a dramatic death, with his last words: Why protect the humans? What are you fighting for? WHY?


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