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The Bathroom Shadow

Come on down.
~ The Bathroom Shadow during the opening sequence in the demo.
Let me flush you into my nightmare!!
~ The Bathroom Shadow as he is trying to lure Ned into his nightmare world.
~ The Bathroom Shadow who is once again attempting to lure Ned to the Bathroom Nightmare.

The Bathroom Shadow is one of the five main antagonists of the Nightmare Ned game.


The Bathroom Shadow, like the other shadows, is first seen in the opening for the game stalking Ned and following him to his room. Once the shadows reach the bedroom, they possess the quilt, resulting in Ned being sent to the nightmare worlds and the shadows meeting Ned along his way.

After Ned beat the Bathroom Nightmare's challenges, the Bathroom Shadow reveals himself to be Ned's toilet.

Once the shadows are all overcome, the Bathroom Shadow and his fellow shadows fuse to become a horrific, gigantic version of Ned himself, but are defeated by Ned with the help of his conquered fears. When Ned awakens, the shadows are banished from Ned's mind, nullifying their threat to Ned indefinitely and leaving the shadows with nothing to do.


The Bathroom Shadow is the only shadow with the most unique appearance. While it may be transparent and black in cutscenes and purple during gameplay, it has one green swirly eye and no arms. It also has a large, jack o'lantern-toothed mouth and a large grin on his face.


The Bathroom Shadow primarily thinks about food and eating, and is actually quite philosophical for a comedic villain.

Powers and Abilities

Like the other shadows, the Bathroom Shadow has the ability to create nightmare worlds.


  • The Bathroom Shadow is the only shadow who is not based on a human being.