Sometimes you have to sacrifice the fewer for the many!
~ Bathsheba Silverwing

Bathsheba Silverwing is one of five elder bats in the Silverwing book series. Unlike Frieda, the head elder, Bathsheba is cruel and sneaky. She is a minor antagonist in the book and one of the main antagonists in the television series, having a larger role.



Bathsheba is first seen near the beginning of the book when she berates Shade for looking at the sun, which is forbidden. She wants Shade to be taken by the owls for his treachery, but Frieda thinks otherwise. Eventually, the owls do come for Shade, but Frieda refuses to give Shade to the owls. Bathsheba arrives on the scene and tries to convince Frieda to hand Shade over to the owls, but Frieda still refuses. In response, the owls burn down Tree Haven. After thios is over, Bathsheba blames Frieda for what happened ad tries to get the other bats to overthrow her, but Frieda says no bats were harmed, so the bats follow her. After the incident, Bathsheba remains hostile to Shade, and when he gets separated from the colony, it is implied Bathsheba doesn't care. After Shade returns to the colony and tells them the owls have passed out a law to kill all bats because the Vampyrum Spectrum bats killed two pigeons and an owl, Bathsheba clearly blames not only the Spectral bats but also Shade. She manages to convince a few bats to stay while most bats decide to leave.

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