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Eight seconds to track her voice here. Hmph, I expected you in six.
~ Batman taunting Superman on rescuing Wonder Woman.
What do I want? What I've wanted ever since I was a child. To destroy you. To break and to utterly humiliate the great Superman. For all your powers, you've always underestimated the greatest weapon of all...The human mind.
~ Batman explaining his motives to Superman.
These lamps were provided by a mutual friend of ours from America who specializes in the impossible. They simulate the conditions of a red sun. The conditions of your homeworld.
~ Batman explaining to Superman why he is powerless under the red sun lamps.
Did you? You and Comrade Stalin may have different methods, but you're variations on the same tiresome theme. Narcissistic, power-hungry egomaniacs bent on reshaping the world in their own grotesque image. But in the end, all men like you inevitably fall. And there you will stay for the remainder of your wretched life, while my followers rise up and finally take our country back.
~ Batman in response to Superman claiming that he gave the survivors of Stalin's gulags paradise.

In an alternate reality, Batman became a ruthless anarchist after his parents are gunned down by Stalin's police force, vowing revenge on Pyotr Roslov and 20 years later became the most wanted man in the Soviet Union. This version of Batman is a drastic departure from the usual Batman; whereas Batman is typically heroic (albeit brooding), this version is the secondary antagonist in Superman: Red Son comic and the movie adaption.

In the motion comic, he was voiced by Kirk Thornton, who currently voices Shadow the Hedgehog. In the movie adaptation, he was voiced by Roger Craig Smith, who also voiced a younger, heroic Batman in Batman: Arkham Origins as well as the Batman Unlimited series.


The son of a pair of dissidents, the boy who would become the Batman saw his parents get gunned down by Stalin's police force, and vowed revenge against Pyotr Roslov, the captain of the police. Twenty years later, Batman became the most wanted man in the Soviet Union, a constant thorn in the side of Russian authorities. He managed to personally execute a number of acts of terror against Superman's regime and skillfully evaded capture from Roslov's police force each time. He became a legend to the people to rival Superman himself, and it was said that he was impossible to kill, the ghost of a thousand murdered dissidents returned to wreak havoc on Superman's collectivist utopia.

Despite his personal vendetta, however, Roslov managed to convince Batman to help him eliminate Superman, arguing that with Superman out of the way, Batman's quest to kill Roslov would be more easily accomplished. Batman agreed, and kidnapped Wonder Woman and bound her with her own lasso in order to draw Superman into a wasteland, where he then bombarded the hero with simulated red sunlight. He forced the weakened Superman into a cellar, intending to lock him away forever. Unfortunately for the Batman, Wonder Woman managed to break her lasso and destroys the generator powering the lamps.

Refusing to be locked up and lobotomized, he commits suicide by detonating a bomb that he'd implanted within his small intestine. Before he died, Batman revealed to Superman the truth of Roslov's treachery. Ultimately, though he failed to kill Superman personally and topple his regime, Batman died knowing that his true goal, avenging the deaths of his parents had been succeeded. Following this revelation, Roslov was apprehended and turned into a Superman robot.



  • It is unknown if his real name is Bruce Wayne or at least a Russian variant of his name.
  • This version of Batman is similar to the Flashpoint version as they both are more violent and ruthless than Earth-1's Batman.


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