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The moment you catch feelings... is the moment you catch a bullet.
~ Bats to Baby.
What’s in there is ours. It belongs to us. They got our money. Our hard earned paper. They snuck in last night when we was asleep, took our pants off the chair and emptied our wallet. They got what is rightfully ours. So let’s take it back. What is rightfully ours.
~ Bats

Leon Jefferson III, also known as Bats, is the secondary antagonist of Edgar Wright's 2017 action/crime film Baby Driver. He is an impulsive and violent criminal, member of the gang of crime boss Doc. He is first introduced during the planning for second heist of the movie along with JD and Eddie No Nose. As crime boss Doc is going through the plan, Bats is constantly annoyed by the fact that Baby, a young getaway driver, is listening to his iPod rather than listening to the plan only for Baby to recite every line Doc said, embarrassing Bats in the process.

He was portrayed by Jamie Foxx, who also played two incarnations of Electro, one in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and the other in the Marvel Cinematic Universe film Spider-Man: No Way Home.


Bats is also seen during an arms deal to purchase weapons for another heist in an abandoned warehouse with Baby, Buddy and Darling. Bats recognizes that the main arms dealer is a policeman in disguise and violently shoots him, causing a gunfight and resulting in the deal going sideways. On their ride back to Doc's, Bats forces Baby to stop at Bo's diner, where Baby's girlfriend Deborah works as a waitress. Unaware of their relationship, Bats nearly kills her in a hold-up, but he is stopped by Baby.

Upon returning to Doc's, he suspects something went wrong with the deal. Bats tells him that the dealer and his guys were cops, to which Doc replies that he already knew that because they were on his payroll. Bats lies and says they shot first, which Buddy and Darling back up. This prompts Doc to cancel the heist, but he is convinced by Baby to go through it. Later that night, Bats and Buddy follow Baby after he attempts to sneak out of the place to meet with Deborah and leave Atlanta with her. When they get suspicious, Bats pulls out Baby's recorder and knocks him out. After waking up, they show him all of his tapes they took from his apartment. Bats is seen riding a wheelchair that belongs to Joseph, Baby's deaf invalid foster father/roomate, though he insists he didn't hurt the old man. Believing him to be an informant, Doc and the crew force Baby to play one his mixtapes, and after hearing nothing incriminating, they are convinced of his innocence. During the heist, Bats kills a security guard. When Baby hesitates to drive the crew, Bats beats him. Baby rams the car into a rebar which impales Bats, killing him.

Bats's death.


  • Unlike Baby, Buddy and Darling, Bats is never seen driving a car.
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