Battle Beast

Battle Beast is an antagonist in the Invincble series.


The Leonine extra-terrestrial Battle Beast claims to have conquered a thousand worlds and that galactic empires tremble at the sound of his name. These boasts remain unverified, but given his might, could well be true. He lives for the fight, viewing personal combat as sport, seeking to test himself against worthy adversaries, which, given his power levels, are few and far between. When he encounters a meritorious foe Battle Beast likes to claim a trophy from them, usually their decapitated head. His original name of Thokk and he was worshiped as a messiah figure from his home planet for ending war and bring peace but years of war took a toll on and he left to sereach for worthy foes but his people believe one day he would return. He would later meet Invincble and the other Guaridans of the Globe when they encounter Thragg but Battle Beast interfered and almost killed Invincble and the other guardians but later left after getting board.

Powers and ablitlites

Battle Beast possess superhuman strength,Speed,and Stamina plus some durablity as a master of weapons.

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