The Battle Cubes are minor villains in the Adventure Time TV series that only appeared in the episode "Business Time".


They tried to capture and harm Hot Dog Princess when Finn and Jake came to stop them. They reflected any attack that was given to them until Finn and Jake got board and sent the Business Men to fight the Battle Cubes.

While taking their break the Business Men gave Finn and Jake orange slices and bottled water. After finishing their snack Finn got an idea on how to beat the Battle Cubes, Jake grew large and captured at the Battle Cubes in his hand then Finn went inside with some rope and tied all the cubes together to form one big Battle Cube.

Jake then tossed the big Battle Cube away and they are never seen are mentioned throughout the series again.


Battle cubes are giant, white, geometric cubes that float and emit lightning bolts when one side of them begins blinking pink. Even though they seem harmless, they are very dangerous.


  • They appear as antagonists in the videogame Adventure Time Game Righteous Quest 2 during the Gauntlet Dock level.
    • Both The Gauntlet Dock and the Battle Cubes appeared in the same episode.
  • It is possible that battle cubes are associated with the Cube People or the Cube Village. They may be a sub-species of Cube People.
  • They also appear in the another Adventure Time video game "Hey Ice King! Why'd You Steal Our Garbage?" during the Candy People and Red Rock Pass levels.
  • When Finn and Jake were defeating the cubes, the music for the title card of "The Duke" was playing.


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