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The Battle Kukku Empire, known as the Battle Bird Armada in the Archie Comics, is the main antagonistic organization of the 1995 SEGA Game Gear game Tails Adventure. They are a hegemonic, autocratic empire that seeks world domination. They were the arch-enemies of Miles "Tails" Prower during his adventure on Cocoa Island.

The leader of the empire is the Great Battle Kukku XV, and his son Battle Kukku XVI (also known as Speedy), is also the heir-apparent and next-in-line to lead it.

There have supposedly been fourteen leaders of the empire part of the Battle Kukku lineage with the title of Battle Lord prior to the current one, who is titled as Great Battle Kukku. After his death, Speedy, the sixteenth of the lineage was meant to lead the empire, but both of them eventually met their fate to the hands of the young Miles Prower, who single-handedly defeated the whole organization.

The Battle Kukku Empire's logo can be seen on their leader's hat. It appears to be the skull of a bird with a red mohawk and spikes on each edge. In the Archie Comics, the logo is similar to that in the games, but the skull looks more similar to that of a stylized human skull. Instead of spikes on each side, there are only large red spikes on the bottom side, resembling the mohawk.


The Battle Bird Armada as they are lined up in the Archie Comics.


High-Ranking Members


  • Bomb Throwing Combatants
  • Rock Throwing Combatants
  • Sniper Kukkus
  • Jumping Combatants
  • Little Kukkus
  • Flying Bombers
  • Pilot Combatants


At an unknown point in time, the Battle Kukku Empire discovered the Chaos Emeralds hidden in Cocoa Island, and discovered that they contained ultimate power that could dominate the entire world. Their leader, the fifteenth Great Battle Kukku immediately sent troops to retrieve them, but clashed with one of its inhabitants, none other than Miles "Tails" Prower, who was single-handedly defeating of its troops to stop them from gaining the emeralds. Enraged, the Great Battle Kukku sent various mecha soldiers to confront Miles, but all of them were defeated by the young fox.

Eventually, the second-in-command of the organization and the son of its leader, Battle Kukku XVI, known to his members as Speedy, confronted Miles in a high-speed battle to stop him from getting to the top of Poly Mountain, but ended up retreating, dropping another Chaos Emerald behind. Once Miles got to the Battle Fortress, their headquarters, the main scientist Dr. Fukurokov decided to let Miles deal with his machinery, but was defeated by the fox cub's remote robot. Speedy, now fully armored and ready to fight, challenged Miles to a fair duel, which he accepted. However, the fox came out victorious, and Speedy, the heir to the throne of the empire, was defeated, leaving only one member of the lineage.

In a desperate last resort, the leader of the empire finally decided to confront Miles for himself, but was defeated after a long battle. The last two members of the Battle Kukku lineage were defeated, meaning nobody would be left to lead the empire. The fate of the empire remains unknown, although it is likely it was permanently put to an end.




  • Miles "Tails" Prower
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (Archie only)
  • Knuckles the Echidna (Archie only)
  • Chaotix (Archie only)
  • Babylon Rogues (Archie only)
  • Freedom Fighters (Archie only)


  • Judging by Battle Kukku XVI'th title, there have apparently been fourteen previous members of the Battle Kukku lineage to lead the empire, with the current leader, Great Battle Kukku, being the fifteenth one.
  • The organization was never given official English name in western instruction manuals of Tails Adventure. The North American instruction manual of Sonic Gems Collection refers to the members of the empire to as Kukku bird troops or simply Kukku, though it is not clear whatever it refers the whole empire as itself.
  • The Battle Kukku Empire appears to operate a rather idiosyncratic system of archontology, pre-emptively granting Speedy an imperial numeral while his father is still very much alive and well.
  • Despite being called an "empire", the organization was never actually shown to be in control of any territory outside its Battle Fortress (and temporarily Cocoa Island and its surroundings) in any continuity.


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