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Battle Kukku XVI, most commonly known as Speedy, is the secondary antagonist of the 1995 SEGA GameGear game Tails Adventure. He is the son of the Great Battle Kukku and the second-in-command of the Battle Kukku Empire, as well as the next-in-line to lead it. He is the rival of Miles "Tails" Prower.

He is also a recurring boss, serving as both the second and second-to-last boss in the game. In the final stage, Battle Fortress, he is the second boss, right after Dr. Fukurokov.

He is the commander of the Battle Kukku army's troops who was sent to invade Cocoa Island by his father to obtain Chaos Emeralds and use their power for world domination. While his troops were being bombed down by Miles "Tails" Prower, he dueled Tails several times, becoming his arch-rival in the adventure.


Generally, Speedy has a similar appearance to a basic soldier of the Battle Kukku Empire, although notably standing taller than them. His appearance can be interpreted in multiple ways. It is commonly believed that he has green feathers and a white eggshell-like bottom piece, but it is also believed that he has white feathers, a green pointed helmet, and wears green chest armor. The latter is more likely, as his artwork heavily implies it and the basic soldiers of the Battle Kukku army seem to have this attire as well. However, his in-game sprites imply the former.

Later on, he begins wearing battle armor with a blue and gray color scheme. He now wears a large jetpack, and his brown shoes are replaced with blue ones. He also has blue neck guards, and his arms are now outfitted with laser blasters.


Due to Tails Adventure having no dialogue like every other Sonic game at the time, Speedy does not have a clear personality. However, Speedy's actions in the game give hints to his personality. He seems to have honor and respects his enemies, as he tested Tails by racing with him to the top of a mountain before directly fighting him, and even handed Tails a Chaos Emerald afterwards for winning. He also does not seem to care much for the armada or his father, as handing Tails even a single Chaos Emerald would foil his father's entire plan. However, it could be possible that he did not know that the armada needed all six Chaos Emeralds.

It is unknown what he thinks of the fact that he would become the next leader after his father's death. In the Archie Comics, he hopes to avoid this fate, and does anything he can to prevent it.


Tails Adventure

In Tails Adventure, Speedy's only game appearance, he serves as one of the primary antagonists. When the Battle Kukku Empire discovered the Chaos Emeralds hidden in Cocoa Island. Speedy was sent along with his troops by his father, the Great Battle Kukku.

Speedy was first encountered by Tails in Polly Mountain 1, where Speedy tested Tails' flying abilities by hindering him from reaching the top of the mountain by repeatedly divebombing into him from above, although he intentionally went easy on him. After Tails reached the top of the mountain, Speedy gave Tails a Chaos Emerald out of respect, despite the fact that it would ruin his father's plan. Speedy then flew back to the Battle Fortress, where he awaited Tails.

Once Tails made his way to the Battle Fortress, Speedy challenged Tails to an honorable duel, as he was completely armored and ready to fight the fox again. Despite this, Miles managed to defeat Speedy once again. After the battle, Speedy exploded, never being seen again, presumably being killed for good.

Other Media

Archie Comics

Speedy was the secondary antagonist of the Tails miniseries in the Archie Comics. In the comics, Speedy is more fleshed out. He is the heir-apparent of the Battle Kukku Empire (here named the Battle Bird Armada), just like in the game. However, he does not want to be the next leader, and attempted to defect to other factions several times, but was only turned down. Despite his loyalty, he fears his father, the Grand Battle Kukku XV. He also has a personal grudge on Jet the Hawk due to being snubbed when he tried to defect to the Babylon Rogues. Speedy also developed a respect for Tails after being beaten by him twice during his time on Cocoa Island.

However, most of this was reverted after the Super Genesis Wave, in which his origins became completely identical to his video game counterpart.




  • Tails
  • Dr. Eggman
  • Eggman Empire
  • Badniks
  • Babylon Rogues (Archie only)
  • Freedom Fighters (Archie only)


  • The Battle Kukku Empire appears to operate a rather idiosyncratic system of archontology, pre-emptively granting Speedy an imperial numeral while his father is still very much alive and well.
  • Despite Speedy being the secondary antagonist and having the most screen-time out of the villains, Dr. Fukurokov has more importance to the plot than him.
  • Despite the fact that the Battle Kukku Empire needed all six Chaos Emeralds, Speedy directly hands Tails a Chaos Emerald purely out of respect, despite the fact that it would foil his father's plan. It is unknown if Speedy was aware that they needed all of the emeralds.
  • Speedy and Mecha Golem take up most of the boss fights in the game, as they are both recurring bosses.
  • His Archie Comics version dislikes any flying species that is not a bird.
  • He is Tails' first ever rival in the Sonic the Hedgehog series.


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