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Bb hime

Battleship Princess

Battleship Princess is the main antagonist of the Kantai Collection series. She was also known of being the leader of the Abyssal Fleet


She was a humanoid who appeared as the young girl wearing a black dress, which revealed her bare shoulders. She also wore two pairs of long stockings with the black rings around them. She also have two pairs of horns on her forehead and a black , long hair. She also wears two high-heel shoes which were black in colour. Additionally, she was also accompanied by a large monster which was fitted with several cannons and two pairs of large arms with a black fingernails.


Battleship Princess was known for her uncanny and intelligent capability. She was also very calm and calculating as 




  • E-5 Boss (Fall 2013 Event)
  • Battleship Princess also similar with Alma Wade from F.E.A.R as both of them have long hairs as well as having a disturbing appearances.
  • Due to her heavy firepower, some fans assume that she represents the Iowa-class battleships. This is rather problematic, giving that her speed is listed as slow while the real-life Iowa-class were the fastest battleships ever built.
  • Battleship Princess shares similarities with Hades Izanami from the Blazblue series:
    • Both are tha main villains in their respective series,
    • both have red eyes and long hair,
    • both control an army of monsters,
    • both served as the evil counterpart of the heroines

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