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Sink for me!
~ Battleship Princess
I will... sink you... as many times... as I need...
~ Battleship Princess

Battleship Princess (戦艦棲姫 in Japanese) is the main antagonist of the Kantai Collection series who first appeared as the final boss of the Fall 2013 Event and would later appear in many events. She was also known as being the supposed leader of the Abyssal Fleet.

She is voiced by Misato and drawn by Akira.


She was a humanoid who generally appeared as an attractive young woman wearing a black dress revealing her bare shoulders. She also wore what seemed to be two pairs of long, thigh-high white stockings with black rings around them. She also had two pairs of upward curving horns on her forehead with a black fade on the tip and long black hair that reached down to below her knees. She also wore two high-heel shoes which were black in colour. Additionally, she was also accompanied by a large monster with two pairs of large arms with black fingernails, which was fitted with several cannons.

In her Kai form, she retains exactly her usual appearance. However, she wore a long, black coat and her high heels were more defined compared to in her basic form and her body expression was shown as bossy, having her arms crossed and looking away. In her Summer Event form, her facial expression was a smile and had her body expression was shown as looking back and her having an arched back. She wore high-leg swimwear in the form of a black, layered, side-tie bikini swimsuit and also wore black high heel shoes attached with a black thigh strap.


Battleship Princess was known for her uncanny and intelligent capability. Being the supposed leader of the Abyssal Fleet, she was also very calm, calculating and intimidating. To support this, she used the Japanese word "nasai" in her voice lines: nasai is generally used for a polite or formal request, but she used it as a demand.





  • She is believed to be the leader of the Abyssal Fleet due to her constant re-occurrence throughout the game, having been one of the most common characters to appear in the entire game:
    • E-5 Boss (Fall 2013 Event)
    • E-5 (Spring 2014 Event)
    • E-6 Boss (Summer 2014 Event)
    • E-3 Boss & E-4 Preboss (Autumn 2014 Event)
    • E-3 on Pre-boss Node (Winter 2015 Event)
    • E-5 Double Escort Ships for Final Boss (Winter 2015 Event Mode 甲 Hard)
    • E-6 Node I (Night Battle) (Spring 2015 Event)
    • E-2 Boss Escort on Medium and Hard, E-5 Boss, E-6 Boss Escort on Medium and Hard, E-7 Preboss and Boss Escort/s (Summer 2015 Event)
    • E-4 Boss Escort (Fall 2015 Event)
    • E-3 First Node (K), Preboss and Boss Escorts (Winter 2016 Event)
    • E-1 Preboss (H), E-4 Preboss (J), E-5 Preboss (K), E-6 Boss escort (Medium & Hard), E-7 Preboss (Hard Node E) Boss
    • Escort (Double Escort in Hard Mode) (Spring 2016 Event)
    • E-5 Boss Escort (Fall 2016 Event)
  • Her Kai form made its first appearance as the E-6 2nd Boss of the Winter 2018 Event.
  • Battleship Princess is also similar with Alma Wade from F.E.A.R, as both of them have long hair and a disturbing appearance.
  • Due to her heavy firepower, some fans assume that she represents the Iowa-class battleships. This is rather problematic, given that on her basic form, her speed is listed as slow, while the real-life Iowa-class were the fastest battleships ever built.
  • She shares similarities with Hades Izanami from the Blazblue series:
    • Both are the main villains in their respective series.
    • Both have red eyes and long hair.
    • Both control an army of monsters.
    • Both served as the evil counterpart of the heroines.
  • Despite being illustrated as rather thin and fairly unhealthy in official artwork, fanworks still draw her reasonably healthy and curvy.
  • She shares the same voice actor, (Misato), with the Airfield Princess (except the Airfield Princess had gained a new voice actor).
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