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Battleship Re-Class is the enemy of Abyssal Fleet from the video game Kantai Collection.


Characterized by her cute yet psychotic grin and signature salute, petite appearance, and monster tail that her battleship parts are mounted on, she has short white/silver hair and glowing purple eyes (or red eyes in her Elite form). She wears a black hoodie complete with muffler which is zippered down far enough to reveal her upper body and o-ring top. Also comes equipped with a small white backpack.

Holds a ridiculous amount of aircraft in-game (180) and is one of the very few ships that can participate in every stage of combat.


She is portrayed by fans as very childish, mischievous, energetic, chaotic and creepily gleeful. Due to her being notoriously strong, she is also intimidating as many fan works would paint her as brutal despite her appearance and how she seemingly acted.


  • Some details about Re-Class (Elite-type):
    • HP is the same as Armored Carrier Princess.
    • A 180-plane slot, on par with most installation-type enemies.
    • Six attack phases consisting of aerial combat, opening torpedo attack, two shelling, ending torpedo attack, & night combat.
    • Player-wise, only fleets with Seaplane Tenders & Battleships can match.
  • Due to her appearance not resembling any Allied ship, she is speculated to be either the Taffy 3 or 1977 proposed conversion of the Iowa-class battleships.
  • Her fanmade catchphrase is "Re!" because she doesn't have any voice lines.


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