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Batibat is a minor antagonist in The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. She is a sleep demon and an embodiment of nightmares.


Batitbat tormented the warlock Edward Spellman for years before he trapped her in the Acheron Configuration.

Years later, his daughter Sabrina Spellman opened the Acheron Configuration and released the sleep demon. Sabrina and her family put a spell on the house to keep Batibat from escaping into the world, so the sleep demon uses her powers to trap them into horrible nightmares and force them into revealing how to unseal the house. She is eventually trapped by Sabrina using her aunt Hilda's spiders.


Batibat is vengeful, wanting to torture the Spellman family because of what their deceased relative Edward did to her. She's also sadistic, her main purpose being filling the world with nightmares.

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