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You better keep your eyes open, cause one day I will Kill you Beetlestar.
~ Batwing swearing revenge on Beetlestar.
Oh Mousefang, my wonderfully handsome mate, so handsome.
~ Batwing to Mousefang
Spread your damn legs out!
~ Batwing forcing Maggotstar to strip her legs open, also her most infamous quote.
Think you can take me Weakling
~ Batwing making fun of Lilacpaw for attacking her.

Batwing is a major antagonist in the Warriors Untold Tales series. She is the secondary antagonist in the six books of the story arc "The Wild of the Clans" and the main antagonist of the "Red Clouds" story arc.


When she was a kitten, her father, Appleshade died in a StrikeClan battle for his honor, she was taken as the apprentice to Birdtail, who was one of the Clans senior warriors and was strong and honorable. A bit after Mousefern received her warrior name, Batwing was exiled by the new leader, Smokestar for helping Feralstar kill 10 ShadowClan cats.

She fell for Mousefang, who was lonley and unatractive, she asked him if he wanted to be her mate, Mousefang answered yes and they had a kitten they named Slate, who was a kind young tom with an additude, but when she tried to kill Beetlestar for hunting right next to her, he turned back and ran back to BeetleClan, while he was doing this, Batwing swore revenge on Beetlestar, but when she was hunting, Ravenfeather was alerted that an intruder was hunting in BeetleClan territory, causing a patrol to be sent to kill her, Beetlestar could smell her presence and killed her.


Batwing is a slim light gray she-cat with a dark gray underbelly, a dark gray marking on her face, and green eyes. She also has a black nose and black pads and a very long tail.


  • There is a hero under the same name as her
  • Batwing is known for her intellect
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