Baxter Stockman (Archie Comics)

Baxter Stockman is a villain the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles archie comics based on his 1987 version.


Just like in the 1987 cartoon Baxter Stockman tries again to sell mousers for money but was turned down due to the mousers being too destrutive and would later join the foot clan and shredder used his mousers to destroy spilinter and the turtles. The Turtles would later capture stockman and tie him up for him to be arrested by the police.Since then Baxter stockman was freed by the shredder who used him again for the schemes against the turtles. During the eye of stamith arc shredder and stockman schemed against the turtles for the titular artifact only to be defeated again and left behind by shredder or him to be sent to the police. Unlike most versions of Stockman this one stays human and was never seen again outside of Flashbacks. He orginally had read hair but for some reason it was changed to blonde like in the 1987 version and was never seen again expect in the flashbacks of the future shark trligoy


  • this is the second version of Baxter Stockman being white the first being the 1987 version.
  • This was the first version of Baxter Stockman not to mutate the second being the IDW version.
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