Baxter Stockman is an antagonist in the Teenage Mutant the Ninja Turtles franchise.

He was voiced by Pat Fraley, who also voiced Baxter's twin-brother, Barney Stockman, and Slash in the same series.


Baxter first appeared in the inital five-part miniseries that led to the show. Like in the Mirage and 2003 versions, he created the mousers to rid the city of vermin, but in this version, the company to which he proposed them turned him down, believing that their destructive nature would be bad for business.

However, the Shredder, seeing potential for the mousers, took Baxter up on his proposal and used them in a failed attempt to destroy the Ninja Turtles.

After doing enough work for him, he ordered his Foot soldiers to kill him, but he was saved by the Turtles. After this, Baxter was committed to an insane asylum after trying to tell the police about the Turtles' existence.

Awhile later, Shredder broke him out of the asylum, and he was forced to work for him, suffering much abuse from the evil ninja master. Finally having enough of Baxter's stupidity, Shredder and Krang decided to kill him by throwing him into a disintegrator unit.

But a small fly entered the same unit, and rather than kill him, the energy merged him with the fly, turning him into a half-man, half-fly creature. Blaming both the Shredder and the Turtles for this, Baxter swore revenge on all of them.


  • The character mutating into a fly could be a reference to the 1986 film, The Fly.
    • Stockman also holds similarities to Martin Brundle, as both were scientist.


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