Bayban the Butcher was the main antagonist of the Blake's 7 episode "City at the Edge of the World".

He was portrayed by Colin Baker.


Bayban the Butcher, also known as Bayban the Berserker, was a space pirate who was second on the Terran Federation's wanted list after Roj Blake. He was frustrated by this fact, taking pride in the fact he had spent years working his way up the list, acquiring a reputation for mayhem, without taking political shortcuts. He spoke fondly of his mother, calling her a truly evil woman and noting she called him "Bayb".

Bayban and his crew arrived on the planet Keezarn and quickly subjugated the population, imprisoning them in stockades. His attention was drawn to a sealed vault, which he became convinced contained a treasure. He killed six Keezarns to get the information that it contained "this world and the next" (which he interpreted as meaning everything of value on the planet) and then killed six more to confirm they didn't know how to open it.

Having failed to force his way in, Bayban contacted Tarrant on the Liberator using the Keezarns as a front and offered crystals needed to power the weapons systems in exchange for Vila's services. In fact, he only had one crystal and left behind a bomb in an unsuccessful attempt to kill the person who came to collect them. He gave Vila one hour to open the vault. When he disappeared along with one of Bayban's crew, Kerrill, Bayban assumed they had fled to avoid retribution. He decided to use his ship's cannon to try and blast his way into the vault.

At this point, Vila's crewmates from the Liberator attacked, killing many of Bayban's men and taking him prisoner. It was only then that the Keezarn leader Norl revealed that Vila had actually entered the vault. Bayban escaped but in fact he was wrong about the vault's contents: It contained a teleport system that would allow the Keezarns to migrate to another world. Knowing Vila had cleared the path, they overcame Bayban's remaining men and began migrating.

Bayban returned to the citadel, still convinced there was a treasure there. Vila held him at bay while Norl and Kerrill followed the others into the vault, which sealed again. As Vila teleported back to the Liberator, Bayban fired his cannon at the vault entrance, unaware it was a forcefield that reflected back anything above a certain threshold. The blast set off a chain reaction that destroyed the citadel, killing Bayban.


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