Bazoogas is a bazooka-themed Majin and is the main antagonist in episode 39 of the 1998 TV series Seijuu Sentai Gingaman.

He was voiced by Masami Iwasaki who previously voiced Barukibaruki and later voiced an Advanced Yokai Nue and Hanayaida.


Bazoogas made his first appearance at the castle where they are chanting they're team chants and the defeat of Gingaman he was then equipped with the extract like bullets for ammunition in order to enlarge the human so that way he or she will have to massage Daitanix's heart and some of the other bullets to weaken the effect of Barbara extract. With that said Bazoogas left the castle with an army of Yartots to find the human that will do the job.

A while later Bazoogas was at the park and was about to open fire on the doc that he has found until he was sneaked attack by Ryouma. So as the Doc is about to retreat, but Bazoogas won't let that happen as he open fired, but Ryouma takes the shot as he got fat and he did the same to the other gentlemen. However when Saya showed up he was about to open fire on her until he realized he was out of ammo so he makes a hasty retreat in order to reload himself.

A while later Bazoogas was at the warehouse as he was making the exact concoction in order to enlarge a human which he did as he was going to test these bad boys out and see if he got's it right or else it'll end up as a failure like he did on the male Gingamen.

A while later Bazoogas is at the Shiatsu Salon Ozuka Shiatsu Massage as the Yartots grabbed the owner as he was about to be enlarged to massage Daitanix however as soon as one of the Yartots is about to load Bazoogas with the ammunition Saya grabbed the case and makes a run for it as the pirates chased her, but hurt ankle she wasn't going far as Bazoogas open fired on her as she let's go of the case as one of Yartots returns it to Bazoogas. However when Shinobu shows up to aid Saya she needs to massage the "heart" which is perfect for Bazoogas as he open fired on her, but Saya takes the shot as she was enlarged instead which means it works.

As soon as Bazoogas is about open fire on the Instructor, but he was then once again sneaked attack by a fat Ryouma. So with that said the fat men battle the pirates as Shinobu attends to the giant Saya. Once Gingat attends to Saya's hurt leg she used her giant size as an advantage as she chased the terrified Bazoogas. Once she grabbed Bazoogas in the palm of her hand he then open fired on her as she was shrunk back to her actual size as some of the bullets were emptied from the cartridge so Saya used one of the bullets and open fire on the fat men as they were reverted back to normal. With that said the gentlemen transformed and battle Bazoogas. After that he was then defeated by this finisher called Galactic Flash.

However Bazoogas used the Barba Extract to enlarge himself prompting the team to bring out Super Armor Shine GingaiOh and GigaPhoenix. After that he was then destroyed by this finisher called Great Ginga Cross Slash. A while later during the crossover he was destroyed once again, but this time it was from the Megarangers.


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