Bazuso (aka Bazooso, Pazuzu or Pazoozu, according to the translation), is a minor character in the series Berserk. He is one of the earliest named adversaries faced by a young Guts at the beginnings of the Golden Age story arc, almost marking his induction into the Band of the Hawks. During a mercenary raid, a still young and cocky Guts offered to slay the iron-clad, almost invulnerable and invincible knight Bazuso, for the sum of 7 golden coins. Bazuso accepted the challenge, mostly due to amusement, and tried to break Guts' head swinging his heavy battle axe, affixed to the gauntlets of his armor. However, Guts' sword, three times bigger and heavier than a regular broadsword, was able to deflect every hit brought by Bazuso, denting and weakening the axe at every hit, so, when Guts gambled his life by dropping his guard long enough to drive his sword through Bazuso's stomach, the axe, instead of cleaving through his skull, shattered, knocking away his helm and drawing blood from his temple. This spelled the end for Bazuso, but their brief encounter was fated to have deeper consequences. As Guts refused to stay in service of the local noblemen, but instead took the prize money and went away alone, he fell prey to Corkus' greed, wanting to get both revenge for having being cheated of the possibility to fight the powerful Bazuso and get the prize money. The ensuing fight between Guts and the Band of the Hawks gave Griffith who had already noticed the reckless behavior, the courage and the near-suicidal will of the young Guts, the opportunity to challenge him and force him to join the Band of the Hawk.

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