Beached Things

Common BTs

Beached Things are one of the main enemies of the game Death Stranding.

A BT is a soul of a deceased living being (often human) that has gotten stuck in the world of the living.


Beached Things are aggressive and tend to forcefully drag people to the other side.

How they are formed

When the soul of a living being that has died fails to get to the world of dead through the Beach, they become stranded in the world of the living, while at the same time their connection to the other side is maintained through an umbilical cord.

The event of Death Stranding causes the human soul (ka) to attempt to return to the (ha) after death.

In order to prevent BTs from appearing, the corpse needs to be destroyed (usually cremated) on time.

Types of BTs

  • Gazer BT: The most common type of BT seen in Death Stranding. They appear in places where Timefall is happening.
  • Giant BT: BTs bigger than the common BTs. They do not appear to have umbilical cords, and they can be connected to other BTs, meaning that the other BTs need to be defeated too besides the giant BT.
  • Colossal BT: Monster-like BTs that can be summoned by Higgs.
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