Bean the Dynamite is a male, anthropomorphic green duck character in the game Sonic the Fighters.

Bean likes to throw bombs at his enemies for his amusement and defence.

Game Appearances

Sonic the Fighters

Bean is the seventh combatant during story mode and is in possession of the green Chaos Emerald and is fought in Dynamite Plant. Bean uses an array of bombs and other explosives to attack as well as rapid peck attacks. Sadly, Bean and Bark made no other appearances (other than their cameo in Generations) in any other Sonic games.

Virtua Striker 2

Bean appeared as a member of the MVP Yuki Chan team, a secret team in Virtua Stiker 2, the second installment in Sega's popular arcade soccer series released in 1997. To access said team, at the Team Select screen, press: down-right, start, down, left, start, right, start, right, down-left, start, down, start, start, start.

Fighters Megamix

Bean is an unlockable character in Fighters Megamix, a Beat 'em-up released on the Sega Saturn in 1996. His playable stage is not the Dynamite Plant but the Angel Island stage (probably because Grace's own stage, Big Factory, greatly resembles it).


He appeared as a collectable toy in Shenmue and Shenmue II.

Sonic Generations

After a long hiatus, Bean makes a cameo appearance in City Escape of Sonic Generations. Bean appears on wanted posters dotted throughout the level, alongside Bark the Polarbear.

Appearances in Other Media

Archie Comics

File:364090-35488-bean-the-dynamite large.jpg

Bean also appears in the Archie Comics' Sonic the Hedgehog and its spin-off comic series. He first appeared in Sonic the Hedgehog #160 where he attacked Sonic on his birthday. During the fight, Bean jumps out of a window after Fiona Fox's keys, and is later knocked out by Shadow the Hedgehog. Like Bark, he used to be part of a mercenary band led by Nack the Weasel.

When a Sol Emerald appeared on Mobius, Bean, Bark and Nack went after the emerald as Team Hooligan, but they eventually had to give up the hunt after facing too much opposition.


  • He is one of the three characters (along with Fang the Sniper and Mephiles the Dark) to have a title that does not refer to his species. Dynamite refers to his expertise in explosives.
  • When Sonic Riders was published in Nintendo Power, many fans and reporters, jokingly, mistook Jet the Hawk for Bean due to their similar appearances.
  • Bean made one more appearance than Bark the Polarbear in Virtua Striker 2.
  • Bean was the first playable bird character.
  • According to an interview in Sonic Central, Sonic doesn't know the whereabouts of Bean, Ray the Flying Squirrel, Mighty the Armadillo, Bark the Polarbear, or Nack the Weasel. This explains why these characters have not made a game appearance for a long time.
  • Bean makes a cameo on the cover of Sonic X #34 as a pool floaty Tails has on. It should also be noted that there is a Sonic the Fighters logo on the Bean floaty.
  • Bean is owned by Sega AM2, one of the few Sega branches that have been absorbed into Sega itself, yet has not appeared in any Sonic game since Sonic Generations.
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