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Villain Overview

Never underestimate the power of the beard.
~ Beard Hunter in the Doom Patrol TV series.

The Beard Hunter is a minor antagonist who faces the Doom Patrol and perhaps one of the most bizarre, crazy, and comical villains in the DC Comics universe. He was an enemy of Doom Patrol (enemy being used rather liberally as he was pretty much a push-over and served mostly as comic relief).

Despite his lack of success, questionable goals, and utter failure at villainy, the Beard Hunter is, at least in theory, a dangerous individual and would be considered a mentally unstable psychotic if he was real.


Born with a hormone deficiency that prevented him from growing a beard, the young man known as Ernest Franklin grew resentful of beards and begun a one-man war against facial hair, hunting down and killing unfortunate individuals and taking their beards as trophies. He was still performing this gruesome and bizarre behavior when he was thirty-six and living at home with his mother. When not committing murder, he seemed obsessed with body-building magazines.

Dubbing himself the Beard Hunter, poor Ernest was delusional enough to believe a movie would be made about his career as the crazed villain but this, of course, never occurred.

Powers and Abilities

Beard Hunter has no powers other than some limited skill with handguns; in fact, he was a poor fighter and relied heavily on his guns.

Other Media

  • Beard Hunter is a recurring character in the television series Doom Patrol, portrayed by Tommy Snider. Different from his mainstream counterpart, this version of Beard Hunter actually has superpowers. Once consuming someone's facial hair, he absorbs their essence, granting him knowledge on the person's life and the ability to pinpoint their location across time and space.


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