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The Bearded Titan is a minor antagonist in Attack on Titan, being seen during the Battle of Trost Arc. He was an elderly man and one of the main members of the Eldia Restorationists along with Eren Kruger and Grisha Yeager. He was captured along with the rest of the Eldia Restorationists by the Marleyan Public Security Authorities and was punished by being turned into a titan along with his friends. Other known victims who were sent to Paradis along with him are Dina Yeager, the Jumping Titan (who ate Thomas Wagner), the Peering Titan (who killed Mina Carolina), and the Bigmouth Titan (who killed Nac Tius and Mylius Zeramuski). If they had still human intelligence, they would have been trying to save Eren and his friends.


The Bearded Titan as a man.

After the Colossal Titan breached the walls of Trost, Eren's squad lead by Thomas Wagner was intercepted by a deviant type titan, the Jumping Titan. After swallowing Thomas, the rest of the former Eldian Restorationist Titans began devouring Eren's squad. That's when the Bearded Titan appeared, nearly eating Armin. After being saved by Eren after sacrificing himself, Eren later transformed into the Attack Titan for the first time and tore through the Bearded Titan.


  • This Titan was very close to regain his human form, since Eren was inside his stomach. Had Eren died inside the Titan, some moment later the Titan would quickly revert to the old man in front of Armin eyes. This would've made the man the new Attack Titan and would've enlightened the Survey Corps to how Titans are created much sooner than the Uprising arc.


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