The Beardo Family was the nickname given by Greg to the main antagonists of The Long Haul.

On the road trip, Greg is forced to sit with the stuff by Rodrick. Susan then hopes to take photos of him in front of various places. Susan then puts in a Spanish CD so that they can learn Spanish, but they don't pay attention (sans Manny). Greg encounters them at a cheap and poor-quality motel. The children of the family got a washing cart and were ramming it until Greg scolded them. After arriving at a motel, Greg and Rodrick run to the pool but instead find the hot tub occupied by the Beardos.

At Soak Central Water Park, they stole their stuff on the ground. The family had put the key but it turned out it was open and was empty. They thought the Beardos stole it. Later, they found their van near a motel and their room open. They made use of the room since they thought the Beardos were paying for it using the stolen credit cards. When the Beardos later arrive, Greg and Rodrick run away while their father was in the bathroom, and the Beardos saw him, so he picked up their car keys, threw them into the bushes and ran back and drove away. Later, Greg finds out the key was in his shorts all along, so they must not been the thieves.

The only disappearance difference between them and the Heffleys shown is that Mrs. Beardo may care about the way she looks. At Soak Central  she was shown reading what might have been a women's weight loss magazine, due to the fact that she is extremely overweight.