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Villain Overview

Beast Man is a character in the popular toy line and cartoon series Masters of the Universe. He is a savage right-hand man of Skeletor. He has control over many wild creatures and has brute strength.



Beast Man makes his debut in Mattel's very first illustrated books as Skeletor's closest and most loyal follower in the then quite small band of Evil Warriors. As the toyline expanded, he stayed at Skeletor's side as a ferocious man-beast who can summon most of the wild creatures of Eternia to aid Skeletor's schemes.

Filmation cartoon series

Beast Man appears frequently in the Filmation cartoon series by Filmation. Introduced in the first episode "Diamond Ray of Disappearance", his cartoon portrayal is generally consistent with his mini-comic portrayal, although he clearly resents being bossed around by Skeletor and secretly desires to someday overthrow his master.

Beast Man's background is never mentioned in the cartoon, although the series bible states a surprising origin for him, explaining he was once a thuggish human from Earth called Biff Beastman who owned a farmyard on which he constantly abused the animals.

1987 movie

Beast Man also appears in the live action Masters of the Universe movie in 1987.

He-Man (2002)



Beast Man (1982)


Beastman (2002)


Beast Man (MOTU Classics)

The newest figure, sculpted by the Four Horseman, is a redesign of the first figure, sharing mostly the same colours and overall design. As before, the figure comes with a whip and removable armor in the form of the classic breastplate/arm guard combo.

Like the other MOTU Classics, the toy now has full articulation at the ankles, knees, hips, waist, shoulders, elbows, wrists and neck. The overall sculpt is also far more detailed.


  • Interestingly, both the original and 2002 versions of the Beast Man toy depict the character as having the fur-less portion of his face painted with a white tribal face-paint with blue details, (or possibly natural skin markings), as do many of the minicomics and comic book adaptations. Yet in their accompanying animated series; both the original Filmation cartoon and the 2002 Mike Young Productions series; Beast Man is depicted without face-paint and a merely dark Caucasian skin showing on his face instead.
  • In the German audio-book series a character biography was given in the episode "Nacht über Castle Grayskull" (Night over Castle Grayskull). It is said that Beast Man was once an intelligent scientist. He found a powerful magic plate and changed it so that Skeletor could not use it any more. For that Skeletor tortured him and gave him a toxin to destroy his intelligence. This made Beast Man Skeletor's loyal, yet stupid, servant and slave.


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