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Howling. Roaring. Beast let out a roar. As if screaming. As if sobbing. As if lamenting. Collapsing the heavens, rending the earth, a major disaster without equal. Slaughter everything. Devour everything. But the thirst would not yield. But the heart was not satisfied. Beast howled and screamed. Nothing in the world could satisfy Beast. There weren’t even any memories of why Beast was screaming. But Beast could only roar. There was no choice but to yell. Because apart from that, there was nothing else that Beast could do. But at that moment. Something was heard in the ears of Beast. A voice, a call, someone was calling to Beast. A voice to hazy and weak to even be called a tremor. However, this was the only beacon for Beast who had lost all purpose and forgotten every meaning.
~ The Narrator on Beast, Volume 21.
Name, huh? I’ve long forgotten such a thing.
~ Beast to Shidou Itsuka.

Beast, also known by her original name Tohka YatogamiPrincess and Parallel Tohka is the ultimate antagonist of Date A Live franchise introduced as the main antagonist of the two final volumes of the Light Novels (from Volume 21 to Volume 22) Tohka Good End.

Beast is one of the lead heroines of the franchise, Tohka Yatogami from a different timeline where the events are very different from the original world. Just like the original Tohka, she met Shidou Itsuka and was sealed under the same circumstances but after she witnessed the Shidou Itsuka from her world being murdered, she unleashed the true power of Sandalphon and became Beast before killing all Spirits of her timeline, including humans from Ratatoskr and Deus.Ex.Machina Industries. After absorbing their Angels, Beast wiped out humanity and transformed the planet into a dead rock where the few remaining humans had to live underground to survive. She would then continue to hunt down the last life forms of the world until no one was left, however, due to the Will of the World (Mio Takamiya / Reine Murasame's Will) that wanted to save her, she was able to travel to the original timeline so she could meet her redemption.

Following her battle with all Spirits from the original world that got their powers back, she would later redeem herself and return to her world, where she met the adult Kurumi Tokisaki from her world asking her to redo the timeline she destroyed and change the apocalyptic world she had brought upon that reality.


Beast is nature is rather unknown due to several changes that happened in the parallel timeline but it is hinted that Beast may be Tohka's true Inverse Form when Tenka Yatogami did not exist in said timeline.

Unlike all Inverse Spirits, Beast had the prime form of a "corpse" to the point she was almost seen as a zombie. She had pale skin, lifeless purple eyes and long and messy white hair. Even so, much like her original counterpart, she was still Tohka and was always described as an "impossibly beautiful girl."


Beast is very similar to Tenka Yatogami before her redemption. After losing everything, only negative emotions existed inside of Beast. Depressive, sad and lifeless, Beast is a very cold, callous, and dispassionate figure who barely knows the difference between right and wrong, and is rather aloof, brooding, and indifferent who has difficulty to speak normally.

Beast is a cold-hearted person who do refuses to have social relationships or contact with other people as she sees them as insects and prefers to kill them as quick as possible, denying them any chance to surrender or run for their lives. However, she is not particularly brutal and always decide her fights with a quick attack that will end the lives of her foes (or victims) as she holds the desire to destroy humanity that she once thought that would welcome her, however, after witnessing a human [Isaac Westcott] killing Shidou and taking everything from her, she once again returned to her old misanthropic ideology but went even more far away and decided to kill every single human in the planet. 

Beast's overall behavior that life has no meaning, and reflect the concepts of nihilism or emptiness. Her cold demeanor allows her to stay completely calm and in control in most situations, and she is not easily surprised or caught off-guard but when a fragment of her memories return to her out of nowhere, she immediately starts to scream in agony. Despite that, Beast was not completely heartless but was in fact a tortured soul who was in need of salvation.



Much like her original counterpart, Beast was inadvertently created by Mio Takamiya when she was experimenting with a new method for creating Sephira Crystals; while normally infusing the Crystals she created with negative emotions of humans, causing them to become Qlipha Crystals and require purification, Mio this time tried to forgo this by infusing this Crystal with a positive emotion: love. However, the newly created Crystal then proceeded to take on a human form, resulting in the birth of Tohka. It's unknown if in this timeline Tenka was even born in the first place since Tohka did not actually went into her Inverse Form that is in fact her true persona, Tenka Yatogami, when she witnessed Shidou being murdered. While initially shocked at her creation, Mio ultimately concluded that Tenka was too much of an unknown variable and had to be removed but she couldn't kill her because she was the only pure Spirit in existence besides her.

Tohka grew to hate humanity due to the nations' AST forces attacking her out of nowhere. Out of all the Spirits, Tohka had the least contact with society, only ever appearing in the world through spacequakes. This, along with her lack of knowledge about society, Tohka came to believe that all of humanity was out to kill her and that she couldn't trust anyone. This, however, was no longer a belief when Shidou appeared before her to save her life. 

From that day on, Tohka's life followed the same events of the original timeline with a few changes in her daily life, battles, incidents, places and time. After every Spirit was sealed by Shido, the DEM Industries launched an attack in Tenguu City with the solo purpose of killing Shidou so Westcott could make every Spirit go into Inverse Form. As the battle raged on, Westcott managed to impale Shidou and ripped his heart off while forcing the other Spirits to watch. Witnessing Shidou being murdered, Tohka fell into despair and lost her sanity, becoming Beast. She then proceeded to kill all every Spirit nearby, including Westcott and his subordinates. After she absorbed all Angels of her fallen friends, she launched a cataclysmic event upon the world, resulting in the destruction of the entire world and killing billions. The world was ravaged by the power of Spirit, however, many people still survived. The story has spread far away from Japan, and not only in lands directly damaged by Tohka, many people have moved underground to continue living. But the world was bigger than Tohka thought and humans are more resilient than Tohka thought.

Current Events

Volume 21 - Tohka Good End Part 1

A year after the final battle between Ratatoskr, DEM and Mio Takamiya, the world was now finally at peace with the DEM Industries losing grip over Europe and the Spirits were now back to their normal human states. However, the Will of the World, the will of Mio that was in fact a fragment left of Phantom aka Reine Murasame, seeing the suffering of Shidou and his friend for losing Tohka and a tortured Beast in a parallel timeline, decided to bring a "Good Ending" to both Tohkas by teleporting Beast to the original timeline where she could work on a plan to bring the two eternal happinesses. 

Beast confronting Shido for the first time.

Analyzing the new world she was in, Beast casually spotted Origami Tobiichi in the town, remembering how much Origami made her suffer before, Beast quickly impaled Origami before she could ask for help. Much later, Beast also spotted Nia Honjou in a street and impaled her chest. Hours later, Beast decides to announce her arrival by arriving in Tenguu City using the same method of any Spirit; through spacequake. As the town was evacuated, Beast encounters Shidou Itsuka at the Ground Zero and attempted to murder him at the same second without giving him a chance to escape. Before she could murder him, Shidou mentioned the name "Tohka" out of fear and how much she was similar to her, this caused Beast to cry in agony, giving enough time to Fraxinus to rescue Shidou and bring him to the bridge.

Beast spent hours trying to find Shido's location but eventually found his presence at Fraxinus that was flying 15,000 meters above Tenguu City and immediately teleported herself to the bridge of the ship where she spotted all girls that were once Spirits and the crew. 

Volume 22 - Tohka Good End Part 2

Shido protects Natsumi from Beast.

Surrounded by enemies, Beast used one of her swords to strike the ship from inside, severely damaging the ship in an attempt to kill all girls inside. In attempt to save the ship, Shidou jumped off the ship to lure Beast far away from the non-combatents girls. As expected, Beast followed Shidou to the ground where she confronted him and Mukuro.

On the ground, Shidou tried to talk normally with Beast but the mention of his name caused her to lose her cool and screamed loudly, summoning a spacequake in a non-evacuated area. The spacequake destroyed a district of the town as Beast's swords fired laser beams in all directions to kill Shidou. However, with the help of his harem, Shidou was able to dodge her attacks while Origami, Kaguya and Yuzuru decided to stay to fight Beast. However, they fought in vain as Beast easily defeated the girls. Desperated, Natsumi yelled at Beast to lure her attention, but was almost killed if it wasn't for Shidou who received most of the damage of her sword's attack. Noticing each sword had very familiar Angel's powers and shouted to the girls that the swords carried their powers.

After a struggle, everyone was able to grab a sword carrying their respective powers, allowing the Spirits to regain their lost powers to fight Beast. Now that Beast lost half of her powers, she found herself in disadvantage and was finally caught by Shidou and kissed by the boy. Immediately, Beast regained her memories and was sent back to her original timeline alongside Shidou who was attached to her. In her world, Beast, who had now remembered all her lost memories and the suffering she had spread across the world, had a casual talk with Shidou to tell him what truly happened to her. In their final moments, Beast was invited by Shidou to come with him to his world but she refused because this world was the place where she met Shidou and had so many happy memories. Beast then sent Shidou back to his world.

Much later, Beast was seen walking around a ghost town she destroyed many years ago and accidentally bumps into the now-mature Kurumi Tokisaki of her world, who revealed to Beast she never killed her but was alive all this time waiting for Beast to return to her senses so she could appear before her. In response to Beast's question, Kurumi offered a chance to Beast to change this rotten world by rewriting the timeline she destroyed. That was the last time Beast is seen but it is said she used Kurumi Tokisaki's power to undo the future she destroyed and got another chance to change the future by saving the Shidou Itsuka she loved in the past.

Shido meets Tohka again, ending the story.

Months later, in the original timeline, Shidou is back to his daily life with the girls he saved and is now a college student. As he was walking around the street, he once walked with Tenka and Tohka, he spots a girl similar to Tohka at the end of the street and was shocked to see Tohka was alive again thanks to Beast who had spread enough Spirit Mana upon the world to bring a Spirit back to life and the Will of the World who successfully brought Tohka back to life.

Shidou  asked who she really was and the girl revealed her name was in fact "Tohka Yatogami", a precious name given by a precious person she loved dearly. Thus, ending the story of Date A Live.

Power and Abilities

Beast's Ten Swords.

Since Beast absorbed all Angels from the Spirits of her world, she can easily manipulate every Angel that Mio Takamiya created. Angels serve as the absolute shield that protects the Spirits; its form, shape, and even its function, all reflect on the Spirit itself. Some Angels are sentient while some works as divine objects. Angels can take on many forms when summoned by their Masters (Spirits), from giant monsters, to instruments and weapons; all of which seem to display some special offensive or defensive power that aid their allies.

Despite the fact that each Angel has a different power that match the power of their hosts, their appearance and abilities change depending on the personality and desires of the host, but in essence, Angels' nature remain the same. Beast is able to channel the powers of the first ten Angels through the form of ten swords hovering around her, therefore, converting the power of the Angels to her own design and erasing their old powers that once belonged to their righteous owners. However, some of them continued to possess their same powers, such as Camael that continued to use pyrokinetic abilities.

Beast was also known for her superhuman strength that was displayed through her claws. With a single swing of her claws, she could easily cut the very wind itself. Her strength is later shown to be much more powerful when she cut Tenguu City in half with a single attack.


I mean, chasing after your lingering scent...? Why...? I’m... you are... what... I’m──I am...
~ Beast trying to recognize Shido.
My world, is this place. I met Shido─ here, I lived with Shido─ here. Throw away the world that holds Shido's memories, I can't do it.
~ Beast refusing Shido's invite.
Goodbye, my friend. My soul mate. For the rest of my life, I won't forget you.
~ Beast's last words to Shido.



  • While being the final antagonist of the franchise, Beast is actually weaker than Mio Takamiya and Isaac Westcott in his Spirit of Origin form.
  • Due to the story's end that was left in the dark (something the readers had to use theories to explain what happened), it's unknown what happened to Beast and her world. After she returned to her world, she encountered the Kurumi Tokisaki from her world that still had her Spirit powers. When she encountered the Worst Spirit, she was asked if she wanted redo the world she destroyed. That was the last appearance of the two, leading readers to think that Beast used Kurumi's powers to undo the past and change the future, however, this is never shown in the novels.
  • Likewise, it's unknown how Tohka Yatogami from the original timeline was revived but it's implied Beast had some involvement with it as her battle with other Spirits caused Spirit Mana to be spread into the World (something that would take thousand years to return to the world—something similar happened with the Spirit Battle Royale in Volume 20 as well), allowing Tohka to return by the machinations of the Will of the World. Therefore, if such theory is true, the Will of the World directly saved both Tohka (Beast and the original Tohka).
  • Beast is the only Spirit who treated Shido (MC) as a friend instead of a love interest, considering the fact that she loved the late Shido of her world.


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