The Beast of Bailey Downs was a lycanthrope that terrorised the suburban comunity of Bailey Downs and the secondary antagonist in the film Ginger Snaps. It was known for killing animals (more specificly dogs) but it's likely that it killed humans too. At the beginning of the film, the Beast apparently killed a dog in its owner's yard. Brigitte Fitzgerald questions why nobody tries to capture it. Later at their school the sisters and their classmates discover the mutilated remains of another dog on school property. Ginger and Brigitte decide to pull a prank on a bully by making it look like the Beast killed her dog. On the way to her house, Ginger and Brigitte find signs of the Beast's presence. As they are about to leave, the Beast lunges out of the darkness and drags Ginger into a nearby forest, with Brigitte chasing them. The Beast starts mauling Ginger and in the resulting struggle, they manage to escape it but it chases them to a road, where the Beast is run over by a van driven by a drug dealer named Sam.
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