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Beast the One is the code name of a space kaiju that served as the main antagonist of Ultraman: The Next.



Beast The One came into existence via. combination of countless Space Beast that fell victim from Visitors' attempt to destroy Dark Zagi in the past through causing their own sun to go supernova and light up their home galaxy, Scorpio Galaxy, in the process. Reduced into surviving genetic materials that retain their sentience, the embittered deceased kaijus merged into a single entity who then set out for Earth, knowing that Dark Zaji's genetic template and their nemesis, Ultraman Noa, would after them.

Ultraman: The Next

Arrival on Earth

Arriving in form of a blue travel sphere, The One crashes into the yacht and kills everyone on board except Udo whom he assimilated into his host. For that, he changed the man's appearance and human genetics as Udo got taken to the lab for interrogation. Absorbing a lizard to gain a reptilian combat form, he uses said form to escape imprisonment, all while killing everyone on board along the way. Before leaving, he was shot with a poison bullet by his host's girlfriend, Sara. Then he runs away thanks to the weakness of emotional moments.

First Confrontation Against The Next

During his killing spree, The One sensed The Next aka. Ultraman Noa's arrival in form of a red sphere of light as he bonds with Shunichi Maki. Being a deunamist, the partner and host of Noa's light who carry their shared power and responsibility as a protector, Maki retains his humanity, a fact which Sara and her colleagues unaware of as they thought of him doomed to suffer the same fate as Udo instead. Acting fast, The One sets out to find Maki only to be ambushed by the military led by Sara herself with the confused Maki acting as the reluctant bait. Just as things goes out of control with The One counters their assaults by absorbing more lizards to evolve, Maki, guided by his Ultra partner's influence, takes the matter with his own hands by turning into Ultraman The Next. Unfortunately, due to the heroic duo's incomplete merger, their common adversary managed to escape, leaving Maki passing out as he reverted to his human form.

Skirmish At The Sewers

Recovering at the city's sewers through consuming workers in the area, The One poses as his host Udo upon Maki and Sara's arrival. Sara makes one last attempt to appeal on Udo's remaining humanity before shooting him in hopes of putting his fiancee out of his misery, but her poisoned bullet no longer had an effect on The One who then attempts to kill her. He immediately stopped by Maki, however, culminating to the two transform to settle their feud once and for all.

In the ensuing duel between two giants, The One absorbs rats to further evolve and become much larger. He then takes his time testing his power increase by destroying the cities with Maki following from behind while evolving into Junis form in a bid to keep up with his nemesis. The One attempts to blast the Ultra with his fireball only for The Next elude the attack and even discovered the ability to fly at the same time. In response of this, The One summons and absorbs a murder of crows to produce wings, thus even his ground with his opponent.

Battle At The Sky and Death

The Space Beast further tests his power increase by causing even more damage to the city and caused 500 people to die. The Next is forced to sacrifice himself to protect the building and the people below. Before long, The Next's strength had reached its limit and he was helpless. However, after both the Next and Maki have a prep talk in which the former agreed to allow his host to live longer after the completion of their mission so the man can fulfill his ill son's dreams, the two becomes fully synchronized with Maki gained the access for his Ultra's full strength.

The One attempts to drain his opponent of his life-force in response, but is interrupted by the timely arrived jet fighters that damaged his wings. The Ultra soon slices up The One's wings for a good measure, causing the Space Beast to plummet to the ground below with its wing pieces revertes into crows they composed of. Weakened by both the fall and his injuries, the the helpless The One eventually reduced into particles upon getting struck by The Next's Evol-Ray Schtrom, killing him and putting Udo back to rest at the cost of spreading the Space Beast's genetic compositions that eventually regenerated into their respective entities which then fought by Ultraman Nexus (The Next's evolved form) and Maki's successors.


Beast The One is the conglomerate of surviving Space Beasts' genetic particles that adopt Ultra-like traits after the destruction of their original selves' physical forms resulted from Visitors' attempt to stop Dark Zagi, the dark clone of Ultraman Noa (The Next's true identity) in the past — a feat which made possible thanks to both their nature and Beast Wave (Space Beasts' means of communication, a signal that goes off when they become active). This further explained why individual genetic compounds that make up this kaiju were able to regenerate into entire creatures after the composite Space Beast got destroyed by The Next's Evol-Ray Schtrom.


  • Beast The One is loosely based on Bemular from Ultraman, the first installment of Ultra Series, though its ability to merge with a human host gives him similarities with Ultras. However, Beast the One is proven to be more dangerous than Bemular.


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