The Beastmaster is the overarching antagonist of the TV series 'The Legend of Dick and Dom'. He is an evil wizard who seeks to conquer the world and turn everyone into animals. 


Not much is known about the Beastmaster's origins, though he claims that when he was young he trained to become a 'master alchemist' since he had an affiinity with animals. 

At some point, the Beastmaster created a plague that could turn people into animals and planned to use it on the entire world, starting with the kingdom of Fyredor. He eventually learned that the princes Dick and Dom and their servants Lutin and Mannitol had been sent out to create an antidote for the plague, and sent numerous minions to stop them. These included an evil voodoo wizard named Hans, a child-hating hag named Heranda, a pack of man-eating Sirens and a corrupt bank manager. Also among his minions were his pets Jackal the duck, evil prince Dick the rabbit, evil prince Dom the dog, evil Lutin the cat and evil Mannitol the guinea pig. However, all these minions failed, resulting in the Beastmaster turning all his humanoid minions into animals (Hans into a goat, Hernada into a slug, the Sirens into sheep and the bank manager into a toad), while eating his pets for dinner.

In Haunted he caught the heroes at last, but they later escaped. At the end of the series, the Beastmaster falls into a vast drill hole that leads to the water caverns under Fyredor and apparently dies.

Physical Appearance

The Beastmaster is a tall, foreboding man dressed almost entirely in black, with the sole exception being his red mask which is shaped like a bull's head. On his right hand he wears a metal guantlet, while on his left hand he wears metal claws.


The Beastmaster is a sadistic, angry and insane man who wll stop at nothing to achieve his goals. He is scary, but funny at the same time, and is very intolerant of failure.

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