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Scourge Beasts are a common type of beast found in Bloodborne. Formerly, people, the Scourge Beasts are monstrous wolf-like creatures due to the tainted blood of the church.


Due to theancient blood used by the Healing Church, the population of Yharnam fall under what is known as the Scourge, a plague sweeping across the population where their thirst for blood drives them mad, turning them into literal beasts. Scourge Beasts are notable for being the later stages of the scourge.



Scourge Beasts look like typical lycanthropes, with giant wolf-like appearance and a semi-humanoid physiology on all fours. Their fur ranges from blood-red to black and brown, and their eyes are always glowing white.  

In Yahar'gul, when the Red Moon appears, a different strain of Scourge Beast is seen: these monsters retain the feral quadruped appearance but are no more werewolf-like, instead seem to be made of raw flesh and sharp bones fused together, showing a ribcage which looks like a maw and a mutilated leg where a tail should be.  


As total beasts, the Scourge Beasts have no recollection of sentience of conscience, driven only by their insatiable thirst for blood. They do not speak or use tools like the Huntsmen and Large Huntsmen, though they are not usually seen wandering alone, usually accompanied both another one.  

Powers and Abilities

  • Being fully transformed, Scourge Beasts are strong and agile.
  • Like all beasts, Scourge Beasts are antipathetic to fire.



  • A scourge beast is both the first beast featured in the game (through the opening cutscene) as well as the first enemy fought, a red scourge beast feeding off of a dead body in the hospital the Hunter wakes up in.
  • Given that the Scourge Beast's more gory appearance only occurs when the pale blood moon rises after Rom's death, it is possible that the skinless appearance is the Scourge Beast's actual appearance, its true nature hidden by Kos through Rom.