We can't possibly wipe out all of them...
~ Beatrice sharing her doubts to other witch about Grand High Witch's plan.

Beatrice is a witch who is one of the Grand High Witch's followers and is one of the main witches shown in the 1990 film The Witches, although she only has a minor role. She is the unlucky witch who was burned alive by Grand High Witch.

She was portrayed by Nora Connolly.


Like all witches, her main hobby is murdering children, due to the fact they smell like "dog’s droppings" to her. When she goes to The Witches annual meeting at a hotel, she reveals what her true form looks like as she is bald and has scaly claws hidden by gloves. However, after hearing Grand High Witch's plan to murder every child in England, Beatrice tells quietly another witch that they can't murder every child in England either due to the fact that it is impossible for them to murder all of them as they aren't that many Witches in England or it is pure madness as she might have been unwilling to kill so many children at once. Unfortunately, Grand High Witch hears her and assumes that Beatrice considers her idea as idiotic and mocks her plan. As the punishment Grand High Witch incinerates her alive leaving only some ash and remains of her dress on the chair despite Beatrice's pleas of forgiveness. This causes some other witches to become saddened but others find this really amusing. The death of Beatrice was just a reminder for all witches to stay focused. Luke's grandmother says that the Grand High Witch does that every year.

Since Beatrice was killed by Grand High Witch she doesn't share the fate of other witches when they consume Formula 86 and turn into mice.


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