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We can't possibly wipe out all of them...
~ This witch sharing her doubts to other witch about Grand High Witch's plan.
Your Excellency, do you have a plan? How can we possibly wipe out every child?
~ This witch asking the Grand High Witch if she has a plan, before getting wiped out.

This witch is one of the Grand High Witch's followers and is one of the main witches shown in the 1990 film The Witches; although she only has a minor role, it is one of the more memorable ones as she is the unlucky witch who was burned alive by the Grand High Witch.


Like all witches, her main hobby is murdering children, due to the fact they smell like "dog’s droppings" to her. When she goes to The Witches annual meeting at a hotel, she reveals what her true form looks like as she is bald and has scaly claws hidden by gloves. However, after hearing the Grand High Witch's plan to murder every child in England, this witch quietly tells another witch that they can't possibly do so. This is unlikely to be a moral objection, instead either balking at the scale of the task or believing it impossible to wipe out every single last one. Unfortunately for her, the Grand High Witch hears her and is enraged at her insubordination. Despite the witch's pleas for mercy, the Grand High Witch proceeds to inflict her most famous and feared punishment, "getting fried", on the hapless witch; she incinerates her on the spot with lasers from her eyes, leaving only a few tattered, smoking remnants of her dress and a pile of sooty ashes under her chair. This causes some other witches to become saddened but others find this really amusing like Pamela. The death of this witch served as a reminder to the other witches of the Grand High Witch's power and rank; according to Luke's grandmother, the Grand High Witch makes it a personal rule to "fry" at least one witch at every meeting, merely to keep the rest of them on their (metaphorical) toes and to remind them of their place.

Since she was killed by the Grand High Witch, she doesn't share the fate of other witches when they consume Formula 86 and turn into mice.

In the film from 2020, her role remains the same as she is still the unlucky witch that gets incinerated by Grand High Witch. After the Grand High Witch announces her orders to have every child wiped out, She interrupts, asking if the Grand High Witch has a plan and questioning how it could be possible to wipe out every child. However, before she can finish her sentence, the Grand High Witch fires lasers from her eyes, which knocks her onto the chair and make her turn into a pile of ash as she hits the floor. Despite this, the Grand High Witch says that her question was actually a good one.



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