When Lyle returns, this wedding will proceed as planned. If you do anything to upset that, I will remove your reason for wearing a loincloth!
~ Beatrice Stanhope threatening George

Beatrice Stanhope is a supporting antagonist in the 1997 Disney film George of the Jungle, and one of the two main antagonists in its 2003 sequel George of the Jungle 2 (alongside Lyle Van de Groot).

She was portrayed by Holland Taylor in the original film, and by Christina Pickles in the sequel.


Beatrice is Ursula's egotistical mother and a socialite, and immediately disapproves of her choice of George over her former fiance, Lyle Van de Groot.

Beatrice is a stubborn, serious, snobbish and unpleasant rich woman. She is really desperate to have Ursula married with Lyle and is every time annoying her daughter and husband with this matter.

She even threatens to castrate George if he doesn't leave Ursula alone, and tells him to leave the town and go back to his jungle.

In the end, Ursula and George are married anyway, and Beatrice is forced to accept it.

When George marries Ursula in the jungle, she is irritated by the situation and is seen dancing with an ape in the ending.


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