Major Beatrix Brehme is a major antagonist of the anime, visual novel and light novel Schwarzesmarken and main heroine of the light novel Bernhard im Schatten.


An accomplished pilot of TSFs (Tactical Surface Fighters), she is the commander of Werewolf, a TSF battalion of East Germany loyal to the corrupt and dictatorial Stasi (Ministry of State Security).

Beatrix is known for ruthlessly and brutally hunting deserters, anti-government dissidents, and emigrants fleeing to the West. Her main goal is to make East Germany totally subjugated to the Stasi, transforming the country into a vigilance state where the government collects private data from everyone. According to her, this would be the best scenario to protect the country from the BETA (hostile insect-like alien invaders), even if it has to be eventually sacrificed for the rest of the world.

Beatrix is a rival of Irisdina Bernhard, a former military academy colleague who now commands an anti-Stasi TSF battalion. She has a grudge with Irisdina because Beatrix had a crush on Irisdina's brother, Jürgen Bernhard.

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