Beatriz is an officer in the Rebel Army who is the younger sister of Abigail and a villain and playable character in Metal Slug Attack. She is considered the "idol" of the Rebel Army and thus is able to motivate her soldiers to fight better.


Extra Ops

Beatriz first appears in the Extra Ops "Queen's Battle". Learning that Abigail is struggling in a battle against the Ptolemaic Army's Jupiter Queen, Beatriz and her bodyguards go to assist her sister. Beatriz and Abigail manage to succeed in destroying the Jupiter Queen but right after they do so, Trevor passes by on a motorbike causing Abigail to blush, making Beatriz jealous.

Another Story

In "The Pharaoh's Treasure" Beatriz and Allen Jr. were sent by General Morden to recover the Arabian Tear.

Arriving at the desert ruins, the two notice that Scotia is already there and decide to follow her. After defeating several of the Pharaoh's servants, Beatriz and Allen Jr. make it to the Pharaoh himself and demand he hand over the Arabian Tear.

The Pharaoh curses Allen Jr. and Scotia to sleep, but the curse does not effect Beatriz, sparking the Pharoah's curiosity. Beatriz and the Pharaoh then fight, with Beatriz ultimately winning. Impressed, the Pharaoh allows her to take the Arabian Tear.

Beatriz then drags Allen Jr. and Scotia back to the surface, while ranting about Allen Jr. being useless. Returning to base, Beatriz gives Morden the jewel, furthering his plans.


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