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Beattie is the deuteragonist of the Inside No. 9 episode "Death Be Not Proud". She is the new occupant of the flat that once belonged to the Sowerbutts.

She was portrayed by Jenna Coleman who previously played Bonnie in Clara Oswald's form in Doctor Who.


Beattie had recently moved into a new flat with her boyfriend and had begun experiencing paranormal activity which grew increasingly aggressive, bizarre and disturbing. Eventually taking to getting help and support for her experiences she was eventually met by the house's previous owner David, who explained to her the story behind why the flat was in the unrested state. He and his mother Maureen had previously resided in the flat during the events of Psychoville and after numerous events which eventually culminated in Maureen dying of stomach cancer, David moved on and began dating his former acting friend Emily, eventually marrying her and having a son. Unfortunately however Maureen's spirit in a jealous rage began haunting the flat and gaslighting David due to Emily making him remove her preserved corpse from their bathtub. This resulted in their relationship becoming increasingly strained before being damaged beyond repair once Maureen tried to force David into dropping their infant son into a boiling pan of water. Following this Emily left David and both moved away thanks to Maureen's influence.

Back in the present David finishes telling the story to Beattie who is sympathetic to his ordeal, however as to two are talking Maureen once again re-appears, however David heroically proclaims that he won't let his mother kill Beattie and ruin anyone else's life, at which point Maureen reveals that she wasn't there to manipulate David anymore. A confused David had only a millisecond to react before he was stabbed by Beattie and killed, the entire event being orchestrated by Maureen to have be reunited with her son. Sam returns home at this point and is also killed by Beattie to prevent witnesses to her actions before being placed in the bathtub with piles, upon piles of ice cubes in the same way David had once persevered Maureen's corpse.

Beattie now lives happily with the ghostly mother & son and the feeling appears to be mutual, with the two simply being happy reuinted once again.


Beattie was a rather quiet and polite person who had a good sense of humour and a happy relationship with her boyfriend Sam, she was also quite empathetic, listening in to David's story and feeling sympathy for be and he and Maureen due to their respective positions in the conflict they shared, ultimately deciding that for the sake of both David should die so they could be happy together again. Her experiences with the Sowerbutts and having her house haunted also appeared to take their tole on Beattie as she became more trigger happy following hearing their story even to the point of killing Sam.


Beattie was a fair skinned, beautiful young woman with fair skin and long, wavy brown hair and matching eyes. She had a rather preppy and light fashion sense and had a short, petite figure with a slim build.


  • Jenna Coleman got the role of Beattie after having met Reece Shearsmith while playing Clara Oswald in Doctor Who, more specifically when Shearsmith guest starred as Gagan Rassmussen in the episode "Sleep No More". Coleman told him she was a fan of the series and as such he offered her to put her on the waiting list for guest stars which she gladly accepted.


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